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Breaking News! WiRED Vaccinator Training Begins This Week in Kenya!

WiRED Vaccinator Training Begins This Week in Kenya!

On Monday, March 15, 2021, WiRED launched the first class of our Vaccinator Training Program (VTP) in Obunga, Kenya. Nurse Winnie Nafula and clinician Zablon Kitoli are leading the instruction. Twenty-six students are taking the 45 hours of training, after which they will sit for a final exam, and, if successful, will receive a WiRED certificate. WiRED has already trained 15 Community Health Workers (CHWs), who since the fall of 2020 have made over 6,000 monthly contacts addressing basic health problems and dispensing general health information among their communities. These CHWs have been instrumental in teaching many thousands of people about COVID-19 prevention measures. Soon, they will introduce basic information about COVID-19 vaccines, so the communities will understand the value of the shot and be ready when vaccines arrive.

The test class in Kenya will provide us with valuable data on student and instructor perceptions of the program. We will use their feedback to direct any changes that might enrich the training, which WiRED plans to continue in many other locations. Further, WiRED is making the curriculum available to agencies, hospitals and clinics around the world who may need to add competent, effective vaccinators to their outreach vaccination teams. 

At the moment, we’re contacting ministries of health in low-resource countries, the media and other health-related, non-governmental organizations. Our aim is to let people know that WiRED’s VTP, based on the World Health Organization vaccination curriculum, is available to help countries in underserved regions to prepare teams to vaccinate their populations quickly after the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines.