Trains grassroots vaccinators and refreshes retired medical professionals returning to help with vaccinations

Building a corps of vaccinators to end Covid

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What We Do

Community Health Worker (CHW) Program
Community Health Training
Vaccinator Training Program (VTP)

WiRED’s CHW Program is the latest addition to our health education courses. It provides a three-week training program followed by ongoing continuing health education activities. Like all WiRED’s material, the curriculum is free. Learn more here.

WiRED makes available hundreds of evidence-based health training modules designed for medical personnel as well as people who are not medical professionals. The aim of these programs is to strengthen community illness prevention and enable people to participate in their own health care. Learn more here. 

Train vaccinators today to administer vaccines that arrive tomorrow.

Effective COVID-19 vaccines are now being released, and soon they will reach underserved regions. But, where will low-resource countries find enough trained people to vaccinate the population? WiRED’s Vaccinator Training Program (VTP) — based on WHO vaccination guidelines —  trains people at the local level. Learn how here.  

WiRED’s partnerships are central to the successful distribution of our materials. WiRED develops the health modules and training programs, supplies the hardware, software and teacher training, and then works with our partners who take these resources the last mile.

WiRED News

WiRED and UNODC Share Links to Their Educational Resources

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), recognizing the health value of WiRED training material, is linking to WiRED International’s website and to WiRED’s web-based health education programs. In addition, UNODC will provide periodic newsletters announcing WiRED’s programs and new training modules. WiRED, in turn, will provide its readers and followers with updates on the UNODC drug prevention programs. Drug use and addiction have become global health problems, and WiRED recognizes the value of UNODC’s approach to educating people about the dangers of illegal drug use and possible strategies for addiction prevention.

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Global Health
Virgil Scudder Retires from WiRED’s Board

WiRED International announces Virgil Scudder’s retirement from the WiRED Board. To honor his service to the organization, WiRED has named him to emeritus status.

Mr. Scudder’s involvement with WiRED spanned more than 20 years. He firmly believed in the in the important role played by information and training in prevention, early detection and prompt treatment. In a 2020 opinion piece, Mr. Scudder highlighted the value of WiRED’s work in offering medical education and information to vulnerable communities through its Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program and Vaccinator Training Program. He said, “In the current COVID-19 environment, it is likely that prevention will be the CHWs’ most worthy contribution.”

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WiRED COVID-19 Education in Armenia

All over the world, WiRED International is providing free-access education about COVID-19 to organizations, schools, students and healthcare professionals via our module series — The Coronavirus Threat: Key Topics in Infection Control.

According to the World Health Organization, from January 3 to May 18. 2021, there have been 221,139 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Armenia and 4,346 confirmed deaths. Out of a population of 2,968,096 as of May 18, only 565 vaccine doses have been administered. This stunning statistic underlines the enormous issue of vaccine inequality.

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What We’ve Done

WiRED History
Honduras Group

During the past two decades, WiRED has delivered innovative health education solutions to low-resource communities throughout the world. We were the first to provide Internet connections in war-ravaged towns throughout the former Yugoslavia; to offer IT-based training programs to Iraqi doctors, to bring computer-based, HIV/AIDS training to East Africa during the height of the crisis; and to present Ebola training to communities in West Africa during the outbreak. Click History to learn more about WiRED’s firsts and accomplishments.

These narratives and the timeline will guide you through WiRED’s 20+ year history
from our beginnings on the ground in the war-torn former Yugoslavia
to our training programs today that are accessible anywhere anytime.


Health Learning Center

Free 400+ Training Modules


WiRED creates and releases modules designed to benefit public health and to reflect a full scope and depth of coverage of key health topics. We upgrade modules as needed to keep pace with medical advances. New module topics are often suggested by doctors and other health professionals to be of concern within the low-service communities they serve.


WiRED’s special series allow users to gain comprehensive knowledge on a given subject. Our series include packages on Mother and Child Health, Infectious Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Echocardiology and more. Also, we bundle modules into series in foreign languages such as Spanish and Armenian.

Our e-library allows physicians and nurses, community health workers and general audiences to address the prevention and treatment of both infectious and noncommunicable diseases in underserved regions. WiRED’s 400+ health modules are available free of charge by anyone anywhere for copying and download onto computers, flash drives and other portable storage media. 



Module Download Program

You can download all 400+ of WiRED’s health modules through WiRED’s Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP) by clicking here. This easy-to-use free program will enable you to create your own customized collection of health learning modules. You can learn more about HealthMAP by viewing the video to the right.

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WiRED International brings vital medical and health education, free of charge, to underserved communities around the world. Volunteer hours and monetary donations make a huge difference in our capacity to provide health education in low resource regions. WiRED is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


WiRED International

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WiRED has been approved as a qualified charity by the PayPal Giving Fund. 100% of your donation will go to WiRED.

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