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Ebola loses when
people are informed.
Get informed about Ebola.

Ebola modules
WiRED offers educational modules covering basic information about Ebola. Separate modules are designed for general audiences and students and their families. A special handwashing module is also available. All WiRED's educational material is provided without cost.

WiRED International 2014 Year-End Review

The past year marked WiRED International’s completion of a three-year effort to develop a comprehensive health training program that offers expertly written, peer-reviewed training material free of charge for everyone. We fine-tuned our process to create new material for our unique Community Health Education (CHE) e-library and to deliver it successfully in order to improve the health of the neediest populations. We are now able to package our information onto thumb drives and laptops and take it into the field where our programs often function as the only source of health information. Moreover, people on any continent can download the entire e-library and update it whenever they wish. Read more »



WiRED International Releases Module on Ebola Burial Protocols


Ill-informed burial practices prolong the Ebola epidemic. WiRED International just released a new module, “Ebola–WHO Guidelines for Burial Protocols for the Burial Management Team.” At present, WiRED offers the only computer-based, group-focused training tool available.


Burial management teams have a difficult job resolving two critical issues relevant to their tasks. First they must safeguard and ensure infection control and prevention for team members, family members and members of the community. Second, they must remain sensitive to the cultural and religious practices of families and others affected by Ebola deaths. At times it may seem that the two issues come into conflict. This module examines both concerns in a single frame and, based solidly on WHO recommendations, provides burial management teams with procedures appropriate to ensure infection control and to remain sensitive to religious burial practices.


These guidelines should be followed not only by medical personnel but by anyone involved in managing the burial of persons with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus disease. Our module covers 12 steps starting from the moment the teams arrive in the village to their return to the hospital. The burial steps include getting family agreement, necessary equipment, evaluation of risks, Christian and Moslem burial customs, handling and transporting the body, waste management and hand hygiene.


Safe burials save lives. WiRED International’s module simply but thoroughly educates people and communities on Ebola burial procedures. This module is part of series on Ebola training, including modules for (1) general audiences, (2) for students and families and (3) for health care workers. This series also includes an important module on Handwashing, a practice critical in helping prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.



WiRED International Welcomes
Dr. Anne Stevens to Governing Board

WiRED International is pleased to announce that Anne Marguerite Stevens, M.D., Ph.D. recently joined our Governing Board. Dr. Stevens will be a remarkable addition to our board and contribute much to our activities and mission.


WiRED International Board Chair Anthony Hodge said, “Anne has an extraordinary academic and medical background; I’ve found her to be interesting, engaging and terrific to work with. She cares deeply about health education in developing regions and strongly supports WiRED International’s outreach projects around the world.” Read more »



WiRED International Expands Ebola Education

in Africa

WiRED International, now in its 12th year of operation in Africa, provided Ebola training during various events and presentations throughout Kenya.


Vaccines immunize individuals against disease, and when enough people are vaccinated, they even protect the unvaccinated around them through “community immunity.” We believe that health education acts in the same way. Providing health education to as many people in a community as possible helps the entire community combat threatening health issues. On this trip to Kenya we found that residents are more than eager to learn about Ebola and other health topics—then spread the word to others. Read more »




Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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