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"WiRED International has empowered me with knowledge, and I can confidently say I am able to handle any situation, any disease, outbreak or disaster in Obunga."
- Denis Onyang, WiRED staff member at the WiRED center in Obunga, Kenya





"Information is no longer a luxury for the rich. I don’t have to Google or blame everything on my superstition. All I have to do is come here. I am in a better position to take care of my family and my unborn child."
- Brenda Akoth, visitor to the WiRED center in Obunga, Kenya




How To Help

WiRED International helps communities in low-resource regions learn about health and illness prevention. Most of the staff are volunteers, and 95% of our funds go directly into programming. WiRED operates through the generosity of individuals and small foundations and welcomes your support. WiRED’s cost-free health and medical training programs are used by people around the world.


Gift Guide


Two thumb drives filled with W-HELP training programs.
Tablet computer for rural outreach program.
Transportation for medical students to reach villages for 10 training sessions.
Portable projector for group study presentations.
Solar equipment for off the grid health training program.
All hardware needed for off the grid health training program.


Our Commitment


WiRED promises to spend your donation wisely. Your generous contribution will go to work immediately to improve the quality of health—the quality of life—for many thousands of people in poor and troubled regions.


WiRED International is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our finances are reviewed annually by Carey and Hanna, CPAs.


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Donate via Check

Please print this form and mail it back to WiRED.
You will need Adobe Reader (a free program) to open this form; you may download it by clicking here.


Or, simply send your donation to:


WiRED International
P.O. Box 371132
Montara, CA 94037-1132


Amazon Smile

Please consider participating in AmazonSmile. With this program, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to WiRED.


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