Springtime tips for good health

The media are awash with pointers about how to live a healthy life: eat well, exercise, don’t smoke, watch how much alcohol you drink. A recitation of heath tips becomes a mantra that we know so well . . . and tend to ignore. But if these pointers help you feel better, look better and avoid some diseases, maybe it’s worth giving a few of them a try.


WiRED has more than 400 modules that discuss disease prevention. The prevention of many chronic illnesses can be found among items in the list below. The message in this Webstory is simple: take a look at the list provided by the National Institutes of Health. NIH is pretty smart about these things. Maybe adopt one item now, then another next week, a third one after that and see if it improves your health. We just passed the first day of spring; that’s a pretty good time to launch a new, healthy routine.


Health Tips from the National Institutes of Health


Being Good to Yourself


Many people feel stress in their daily lives. Stress can cause you to overeat, feel tired, and not want to do anything. Healthy eating and regular physical activity may help offset the effects of stress.


Try some of these other ideas to help relieve stress and stay on track with improving your health:

A balanced eating plan, regular physical activity, and stress relief may help you stay healthy for life.


Lifespan Tip Sheet for Adults