WiRED International Launches Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Module




ost women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, but sometimes complications arise. Although many pregnant women with hypertension do not experience serious problems, the condition can be dangerous for both the mother and the fetus.


WiRED released its Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Module ahead of schedule because of an urgent request from doctors in Nicaragua, where gestational hypertension is a critical medical issue, and where WiRED’s Director, Gary Selnow, Ph.D., is currently lecturing and training medical students.


The new module describes blood pressure, its levels and types; hypertension and its signs, diagnosis and treatment; risk factors; and possible consequences for the mother, which include damage to kidneys and other organs, life-threatening preeclampsia and eclampsia; and early delivery and low birth weight for the baby. WiRED’s program underlines the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and discusses prenatal care and nutrition, medications, and the need to avoid alcohol and tobacco.


The Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Module forms part of WiRED’s soon-to-be-launched training series on mother and child health. The courses will cover all complications in pregnancy, such as anemia, hemorrhage, gestational diabetes, sepsis and obstructed labor, as well as healthy practices before, during and after pregnancy, and up to the child’s fifth year.


WiRED’s Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Module joins some 400 others in the Health Learning Center e-library, which is available free for download onto a computer or flash drive.





Quiz with sample questions from WiRED’s Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Module


1. Even women who normally do not have high blood pressure can develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. True or false?


2. Blood pressure is the force of _____________ against the walls of _____________.

 a. Blood, cells
 b. Water, arteries
 c. Red blood cells, veins
 d. Blood, arteries

3. When preeclampsia causes ______________, the condition is known as eclampsia, one of the leading causes of maternal death.

 a. Headaches
 b. Abdominal pain
 c. Seizures
 d. Tissue damage
 e. Water rupture

4. Hypertension can prevent the placenta from getting enough blood. If the placenta doesn’t get enough blood, your baby gets less oxygen and food. This can result in low birth weight. True or false?




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