WiRED Offers Learning Modules on Sepsis—a Serious Global Health Issue


Sepsis is more common than heart attacks and claims more lives than cancer; yet, even in the most developed countries, many people have never heard of it. WiRED International offers both a Sepsis Module and a Maternal Sepsis Module in its Health Learning Center in order to educate health workers and general audiences about this dangerous and relatively unknown health concern.


Sepsis is a complication of infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. Sepsis kills around seven million people a year, including one million newborn babies. The condition is the primary cause of death from infection, especially in underserved countries, despite advances in modern medicine such as vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care.


WiRED’s Sepsis Module describes sepsis, its symptoms, diagnosis, stages, treatment and complications, and how early treatment of sepsis, usually with antibiotics and large amounts of intravenous fluids, improves chances for survival. WiRED’s Maternal Sepsis Module can be found in the Labor and Delivery section of WiRED’s 24-part Mother and Child Health Series. The module describes maternal sepsis, its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors and, most important of all, how to prevent it.


September is Sepsis Awareness Month — a good time to learn about sepsis.



You can download the modules in this story, and all 400+ of WiRED’s health modules, through WiRED’s Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP) by clicking here. This easy-to-use free program will enable you to create your own customized collection of health learning modules. You can learn more about HealthMAP through WiRED's animation.



WiRED’s Mother and Child Health Series


WiRED’s Mother and Child Health Series provides a 24-part comprehensive training program to assist families, caregivers, community health workers and others with subjects related to the following four topics: Before Pregnancy, Pregnant Now, Labor and Delivery, and Parenting. The Mother and Child Health series will be used by schools, clinics and hospitals and nongovernmental organizations that help families prepare for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and the years of childhood up to age five.


WiRED embraces WHO’s maternal, newborn and child health principle, “Continuum of Care,” in which skilled care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period prevents complications and allows for their early detection and appropriate management.