Did You Miss WiRED’s HealthMAP Launch?

An earlier article this year announced the release of WiRED International’s breakthrough Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP). Now WiRED can deliver free health education training material to underserved communities in the world’s most remote locations, many of which have limited or no online access.


HealthMAP enables clinicians, healthcare workers, medical schools and members of the general public to select and download health education modules from WiRED’s Health Learning Center. They can install these modules on their computers without cost and create their own customized libraries for personal study and for presentations to community groups that lack online capability. HealthMAP underpins WiRED’s global outreach effort to deliver modules to nongovernmental organizations, hospitals, health ministries and other institutions around the world that address community health matters.


WiRED will next release its complete 24-module Mother and Child Series — available on HealthMAP soon. In the meantime be sure to check out HealthMAP!