Urinary Tract Infections


November 2015: WiRED Updates Urinary Tract Infection Module

WiRED International just updated its module on urinary tract infections as part of its general collection of health education modules and its Women’s Health Series. Read more »




November 2015: WiRED Marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotics save millions of lives each year around the world, but the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals present challenges to fighting infectious diseases. Read more »



November 2015: WiRED’s Gestational Diabetes Training in Armenia

A group of pregnant women and mothers in the mountain village of Karmirghuygh, Armenia, recently participated in a health education training session during which presenters used the WiRED International Gestational Diabetes (GD) module. Read more »



November 2015: WiRED Releases Health Education Module on Anemia

Anemia affects an estimated 1.62 billion people or nearly one quarter of the world’s population. The highest instance of anemia occurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Anemia often accompanies other conditions, such as malnutrition and malaria. Pets as well as people can suffer from anemia. Read more »



November 2015: Diet and Exercise Key Players in Diabetes Management

Globally 371 million people have diabetes, about half undiagnosed. As the diabetes epidemic rises rapidly in low and middle income countries, so do the costs of medicine and treatment. Read more »






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