Asthma, part 1
(Express module)

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July 2015: Doctors in Haiti Embrace WiRED Learning Center Modules

WiRED International’s medical and health information was not available in Haiti — until now. This past spring WiRED International’s Board Chair Anthony Hodge and Director Gary Selnow, Ph.D., met Yen-Len Tang, M.D., a California-based physician, who was about to leave on a volunteer medical mission to Haiti. Read more »



July 2015: WiRED Releases Asthma Express Module

Learning about asthma just got easy: WiRED International now offers an Express module on asthma. Some 235 million people, or one in 12, currently suffer from asthma. Read more »




July 2015: WiRED Releases TB Module amid Disease’s Growing Resistance
to Treatment Drugs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified tuberculosis (TB) as an emerging global threat. The importance of monitoring and treating the disease cannot be overstated, especially because TB can morph into serious drug-resistant varieties. Read more »




July 2015: WiRED Module Teaches Armenian Children about Dental Health

Armenian children at the Orran NGO (nongovernmental organization) celebrated World Oral Health Day by learning about dental hygiene. Health learning events, employing WiRED’s training modules, have been sponsored by WiRED Armenia, our close partners on many critical community education projects. Read more »



July 2015: WiRED Delivers Programs to Remote Communities in Amazon in a New Way

WiRED International can now distribute vital medical and health information to isolated underserved areas of the world without relying on the Internet or the power grid. We did this on our recent trip to Peru when we successfully tested new hardware configurations on remote stretches of the Peruvian Amazon. This new portable bundle, called
Pack ’n Go, includes solar panels, a lithium-ion battery, a compact projector and a laptop loaded with our programs — all fitting easily in a backpack. Read more »





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