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January 2019: WiRED Launches New Module: Introduction to Labor and Delivery

Giving birth can be stressful as well as joyful. Knowing what to expect can help make the experience of having a baby a calmer, happier and safer experience.


WiRED’s module on labor and delivery serves as an introduction to the topic by giving guidelines to pregnant women. It covers false labor, signs and stages of labor and presents an overview of pain management techniques, cesarean delivery and more. Read more »



January 2019: Sidestepping Climate Change to Promote Environmental Policy

Life on the planet is remarkably interconnected; humans, animals, we might even add plants, interact in delicate, mutually dependent associations. Presiding over all living things are the air and water — the environment that sustains us. WiRED International’s focus on health education has increasingly promoted the unifying perspective known as One Health — the intersection of human, animal and environmental health. During the coming year, we will examine how environmental conditions are changing the profile of diseases that affect people and animals throughout the underserved regions where we work. To start the series, we look at policies that make a powerful and direct impact on the environment, now teetering on the edge of a disaster. We are less concerned about politics than people, but, given current trends, we cannot discuss one without discussing the other. The political decisions that impact human health are great, and the time to change them is short. Read more »



January 2019: Update on Resurgence of Ebola

The Ebola virus returned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in August 2018. Today the World Health Organization (WHO) and the DR Congo’s Ministry of Health continue to combat Ebola — despite violent disturbances and the killing of civilians carried out by rebelling militiamen.


Read more »


January 2019: Interview with Bernice Born

WiRED International staff writer Olivia Spirito talked with Bernice Born about volunteering for WiRED. Bernice serves as WiRED’s longtime website editor and applies her eagle eye to polishing the organization’s web stories. Read more »



December 2018: CDC Offers Tips for a Healthy New Year

The holiday season is over, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges us to follow these tips to get the New Year off to a healthy start. WiRED International suggests taking steps now to keep yourself and your loved ones active and healthy in the New Year. Read more »



December 2018: Holiday Greetings from WiRED

All of us at WiRED International would like to wish happy holidays to the many people who have become part of our family since we began our work 21 years ago: doctors and nurses, community health workers and people in low-resource areas who have used our training materials to improve their knowledge of medicine and community health. Read more »



December 2018: WiRED Wraps up its 21st Year, Prepares for 2019

WiRED International chalked up a number of accomplishments during a busy and productive 2018 in our mission to advance global health education.


WiRED launched its breakthrough Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP), opening up access to its materials for millions more people. HealthMAP can now deliver free health education training material to underserved communities in the world’s most distant locations, many of which have no Internet connection. Read more »



December 2018: WiRED Welcomes Your Year-End Support

Because WiRED International is volunteer-driven, approximately 95% of all donations we receive go directly to our programs. As 2018 comes to a close, we ask that you consider a gift to WiRED International as part of your year-end philanthropy. We pledge to use your money wisely, honestly and efficiently as we go forward with our work in low-resource regions of the world. Read more »







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