May 2015: WiRED Urges HIV Education as HIV Cases Rise

recent New York Times article reported a severe outbreak of HIV and hepatitis due to a surge in injected heroin use in U.S. states including Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. CDC stated that around 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV — and nearly one in seven of those are not aware that they are infected. Read more »



May 2015: May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. Do you know the signs of a person having a stroke? And if so, would you know what to do? Read more »





May 2015: WiRED International Applauds Steve Wonder Okello

There is something wonderful about Steve Wonder Okello. Steve said, “I was born in Obunga, one of the biggest slums in Kisumu, Kenya, where opportunity does not come to you, but you must go after it.” For the past five years Steve has been a client support staffer at the WiRED International Center in Obunga. Read more »



May 2015: WiRED Module Express on Track to Arrive This Summer

WiRED International will soon present a new twist on our health education program: the Module Express series. WiRED developed the new Express series particularly for use in the most isolated areas of the world. We will be taking this series on our next major trip — to the Peruvian Amazon. Read more »


May 2015: Spotlight: NCDs — Diabetes

More people die each year from diabetes than from breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes is a serious, potentially deadly disease with a worldwide presence that now amounts to a public health crisis. Read more »






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