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November 2018: WiRED Develops Custom Electronic Medical Record Software for Kenya

WiRED International is pleased to announce the launch of an electronic medical record (EMR) system at the KUAP-Pandipieri Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya.


EMRs, which are rare in low-resource environments, replace paper records that are cumbersome, vulnerable to loss, and difficult to maintain. Moreover, electronic records allow instant access to a patient’s medical history, improving a clinician’s capacity to provide proper treatment. Read more »



November 2018: Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day WiRED International would like to recognize members of our board who served their country in uniform and now donate volunteer time to help our organization as we provide health information to underserved regions around the world. Their efforts contribute significantly to WiRED’s health diplomacy programs and, therefore, to the American image abroad, at a particularly important time. Read more »



November 2018: WiRED Releases Module on Dehydration

Dehydration can be life threating if severe and untreated.


WiRED International’s module on dehydration and oral rehydration therapy covers the prevention and causes of dehydration, its symptoms, complications, treatment, administration of oral rehydration solution and treatment in the hospital. Read more »



November 2018: WiRED Marks One Health Day

November 3, 2018, is One Health Day. One Health Day reminds us of the critical link among humans, animals and the environment we all share. It further reminds us that to address the health of human populations, we must also address the health of animals and of the planet that hosts all living things. Read more »



October 2018: WiRED Mourns the Loss of Lewis D. Eigen

WiRED International’s board of directors and volunteers are deeply saddened by the death of Lewis D. Eigen, Ed.D., on October 28, 2018, at age 82. He passed away peacefully at home surrounded by three generations of his family. Dr. Eigen was a business leader, educator, public servant, humanitarian and WiRED Board member. Read more »



October 2018: The 2018-2019 Flu Season is Here

Are you ready for flu season? The best way to prevent flu is by getting vaccinated each year.


Influenza or flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by several viruses. Flu resembles the common cold because it infects the same organs (nose, throat, lungs) and has similar symptoms. It can cause mild to severe illness and even death. High-risk groups, which are especially vulnerable to complications from the flu, are children younger than two years, adults 65 and older, pregnant women or people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, lung disease and heart disease. Read more »



October 2018: WiRED Notes National Dental Hygiene Month

Halloween is right around the corner — and so are the scary effects of sugar. The American Dental Association states that certain trick or treat sweet treats such as sticky, hard or sour candies cause the most harmful dental issues. Sugar from candy that stays on teeth for too long produces plaque, creates cavities and leads to gum disease. To raise awareness of proper dental hygiene, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association named October National Dental Hygiene Month. Read more »



October 2018: WiRED Creates Module on Diarrhea in Adults

Diarrhea is a common problem most people face one or two times a year. It is also a global killer. Of deaths brought about by diarrhea, children are most likely to be affected, in part because of their size, but adults, too, die in large numbers from the condition. Read more »



October 2018: WiRED Marks Global Handwashing Day on October 15

What is the first line of defense against almost all infectious diseases? Yes, that’s right — handwashing. Handwashing is key to the prevention of everything from the common cold to Ebola. Read more »






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