August 2016: WiRED International Interview with Juan Victor Florez Zamora, M.D.

While in Peru for a recent trip, WiRED International Director Gary Selnow (GS), Ph.D., interviewed Juan Victor Florez Zamora (JZ), M.D. Dr. Zamora, who served as a clinician on a medical mission with WiRED’s partner, Project Amazonas, spoke with Dr. Selnow on a boat traveling on a tributary of the Amazon River. Read more »



August 2016: Update on Malaria

In 1961 Venezuela was the first country in the world to be labelled malaria free by the World Health Organization. Now malaria is back and at levels not seen in 75 years. A recent New York Times article reports that among Venezuela’s woes of a failing economy, a collapsing medical system and political unrest, the South American country faces a serious rise in a virulent form of malaria. Read more »



August 2016: Mosquitoes

In response to the global rise in mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika and malaria, WiRED International has created a mosquito Webpage that brings together facts, statistics and practical approaches to dealing with mosquitoes in order to minimize the likelihood of being bitten and to employ remedies after a bite. Read more »



August 2016: Children in Armenia Learn about Dental Hygiene from Dental Student and WiRED International

This August Ms. Susanna Stepanyan, a student of the dentistry faculty of the Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia, gave a presentation on dental hygiene at the summer camp of the “Astghavard” Centre for Health Education. Read more »



August 2016: Keeping Pets Healthy

WiRED International applauds animal lovers and pet owners everywhere, and we join our readers in looking out for the good health and safety of our four-legged friends. Read more »



August 2016: WiRED International Launches Electronic Medical Record System in Peruvian Amazon

In an isolated area of the Peruvian Amazon, WiRED International just inaugurated what it believes to be the first electronic medical record (EMR) system that is completely portable and can be operated in out-of-the-way clinical settings. Read more »







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