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Community Preparedness for Infectious Outbreaks

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"We view the people themselves as the solution, not passive beneficiaries. We begin with the assumption of competence and provide educational resources that can help in the communities we're serving."


— Paraphrasing writer
David Bornstein

August 2017: WiRED International Releases Improved Typhoid Fever Module

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every year 21 million cases of typhoid fever are diagnosed, and 222,000 deaths are caused by typhoid fever. Read more »



August 2017: WiRED International Marks World Mosquito Day

What is the deadliest of all animal families in the world?


It isn’t the great white shark, or the massive grizzly bear or the ferocious lion. It’s the tiny mosquito. Read more »



August 2017: WiRED Launches Dysentery Module

WiRED International announces the release of a Dysentery Module as part of its Community Preparedness for Infectious Disease Outbreaks project. The Dysentery Module joins more than 400 interactive training modules in WiRED’s Health Learning Center.


Read more »



August 2017: August is National Coffee Month

Coffee. Love it or hate it? Is it good or bad for your health?


August is National Coffee Month, and the good news is that drinking coffee in moderation may actually lead to living longer — according to a growing body of evidence. Read more »



August 2017: WiRED Launches Project on Community Preparedness
for Infectious Disease Outbreaks
This unique interactive project is WiRED’s largest ever release of training material.

Two years ago, WiRED’s team of medical writers and computer experts began an adventurous project to train communities how to prepare for the onset of an infectious disease outbreak. Thousands of communities around the world face the threat of serious diseases without suitable preparation or even basic information. Leaders and ordinary community members very often don’t know how to prepare for and manage the outbreak, and that can lead to dire consequences. This project delivers training courses that can help prepare communities and save lives. Read more »



WiRED's Work in Iraq: Part #2

Before leaving Iraq after my first visit, I frantically searched computer shops in Baghdad to find hardware for the MIC we would install at the largest hospital complex in the country. I found a good lead in Talal, an Iraqi businessman who saved his computers from the violence of war by securing them in a barn outside of town. He said he would bring a dozen computers to Baghdad when I returned. Read more »




July 2017: WiRED Brings New Round of Health Training to Medical Students and Nurses
in Nicaragua

WiRED International expanded its work with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Leon, by training medical students both onsite and in the field this July, providing equipment and updating the WiRED Health Learning Center modules. The trip strengthened WIRED’s community health outreach through its valued partnership with the university, professors and students. This marked the 15th year that WiRED has been providing medical and health education in Nicaragua. Read more »



July 2017: WiRED Features Bridge Between Its Websites

Have you noticed the new banner on the home page of WiRED International’s website? Now you can connect to WiRED’s Health Learning Center website with one easy-to-find link. Just click on the banner text reading “Access WiRED’s Health Learning Center Modules … here.” Or, for an even faster connection to your topic of choice, click on the first letter of the illness you would like to review. Read more »






Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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