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June 2019: WiRED Announces Update of HealthMAP

In March 2018 WiRED International launched its Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP). This innovative technology opened up access to WiRED’s materials for millions more people in the world’s most distant communities, many with limited or no online access. A year later WiRED now unveils a newly refreshed and more user-friendly HealthMAP. Read more »



June 2019: Update on Dengue


Dengue fever threatens nearly half of the world’s population, but it will likely get much worse. The New York Times reports on a recent study that forecasts that climate change is about to boost the risk of the disease to considerably larger swaths of the population. Read more »



June 2019: WiRED Expands Work in Armenia

This June the WiRED International team completed a busy and productive work agenda in Armenia in order to provide continued support for community health concerns in that country.


WiRED’s mission in Armenia is to foster a strong and effective program which will provide communities in this post-Soviet state with accurate, dependable and effective health education, administrative support and training outreach. Read more »



June 2019: The Value of Volunteerism

Volunteering is a selfless act that helps not only people in need but also yourself.


In high school, students are encouraged to volunteer for causes and organizations they feel passionate about. For many of these students, volunteering may seem like a resume builder, useful when applying to universities and obtaining a job. However, there are benefits we may not see, including some that relate to the Buddhist belief in the eightfold path of “right thought.” Read more »



June 2019: Scientific Research Targets Possible Strep Vaccine

Although rheumatic heart disease or RHD is completely preventable, it affects 33 million people globally, two-thirds of them children in the world’s most underserved countries.


For years researchers worldwide have been searching for a vaccine against Group A Streptococcus or strep, a sore throat which left untreated can lead to rheumatic fever, heart disease and premature death. Read more »



May 2019: WiRED Marks World No Tobacco Day

Smoking tobacco affects every organ in the human body and causes or contributes to many chronic and fatal illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.


Every year, on May 31, the World Health Organization and its global partners celebrate World No Tobacco Day. This year the focus is on tobacco and lung health. The campaign will increase awareness of the role that tobacco plays in people’s lung health from cancer to chronic respiratory disease. Read more »



May 2019: WHO Holds 72nd Annual World Health Assembly

The 72nd session of the World Health Assembly (WHA72) took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference’s main function is to determine the policies of the World Health Organization (WHO). WHA72’s 2019 theme is “Universal Health Coverage: Leaving No One Behind.” Read more »



May 2019: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:
Training for Teachers

Good health starts with knowledge applied in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities. What are good health practices, and how can we promote them?


WiRED International now offers a module on health promotion and disease prevention, written especially as a guide for community health workers (CHWs). The training provides a structure for CHWs to use in their roles as community educators. CHWs learn about modifiable risk behaviors, health programs, interventions and how to implement healthy practices at the individual, family and community levels. Read more »



May 2019: Why Schools Need to Offer Health Training

WiRED International’s goal is to help educate communities on health issues relevant to their daily lives. WiRED’s 400+ health learning modules can be essential assets to a student’s education in middle and high school. Read more »






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