Editor’s Note: WiRED International has been tracking the work of John Oduor Wanjir for a number of years and recently learned about his extraordinary efforts to provide prisoners with critical health information, using our modules. His tenacity, courage and wisdom are inspiring, and so we wanted to share these stirring pieces with our readers. The following two stories offer a biographical sketch of John, in his own words, and an account of his work in Kenyan prisons. We value and applaud John and his work and we hope his efforts inspire you, our readers.


October 2016: John Oduor Wanjir Uses WiRED Programs to Teach Prisoners in Kenya

In 2002 a Kenyan named John Oduor Wanjir attended a WiRED International training in Mombasa, where WiRED International Director Dr. Gary Selnow taught a small group of young people basic computer and Internet skills. From that beginning, John now uses WiRED health education programs to teach men in two Kenyan prisons about health. Read more »


October 2016: John Oduor Wanjir’s Story

“I, John Oduor, come from a vulnerable background and live with a disability. [John has a nonfunctioning arm.] I saw my mother die from a disease I did not know and understand when I was 14. I later learned that she had cancer of the esophagus. This caused me lots of psychological problems and pain. Read more »



October 2016: Flu Season Is Here

It is time to get vaccinated for the 2016-2017 flu season. Influenza is a contagious respiratory disease, which is easily spread, and which causes severe illness and death in high-risk populations, especially in medically underserved communities. Read more »




October 2016: WiRED International Releases Cholera Module as Cases Rise in Haiti
after Hurricane

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, outbreaks of cholera have added to the rising death toll in Haiti, where people need crucial health information to combat the potential for a widespread cholera epidemic. Read more »



October 2016: WiRED International Launches Three-Part Introduction to Cancer Module

The World Health Organization estimates that the number of annual cancer cases will rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within the next two decades. More than 60% of the world’s total new annual cases occur in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Read more »






Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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