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"We view the people themselves as the solution, not passive beneficiaries. We begin with the assumption of competence and provide educational resources that can help in the communities we're serving."


— Paraphrasing writer
David Bornstein

December 2017: WiRED Launches ​"Introduction to Before Pregnancy"​
Health Education Tr​aining

All parents-to-be want to have a healthy child. A healthy baby is the result of a process that begins long before a woman becomes pregnant.


WiRED’s "Introduction to Before Pregnancy" Module explains what women can do to make sure pregnancies are planned and healthy — although the course also covers unexpected pregnancy. WiRED’s training covers the development of a reproductive life plan, birth control and family planning, and how a woman’s health conditions, risk factors, diet and medicines can affect her unborn child. WiRED will soon release three more modules covering other issues under the general topic of Before Pregnancy. Read more »




WiRED’s Work in Armenia

The Armenian countryside is breathtakingly beautiful. The lush, green fields in the mountainous northeast are deeply creased and laced with rutted paths etched by livestock over the centuries. The land in Armenia, and its history, stretching back to the Bronze Age, are tightly bound. When visiting here, it’s tempting to visualize shepherds during ancient times, tending sheep on the sides of these hills. The Armenian story thus tells about its great beauty, and its rich and complicated history. Sadly, it also must include its long-standing conflict with its neighbor to the east, Azerbaijan. Fighting, which started a century ago over Nagorno-Karabakh, has of late picked up steam. Although hostilities occur mostly in the southeastern portion of Armenia, where, last year, more than 200 people on both sides were killed, tensions remain high along the entire border. Read more »




November 2017: WiRED International Observes World AIDS Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that around 36.7 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. December 1 is World AIDS day, and the slogan this year is “Everybody Counts.” This rallying cry is launching the campaign to provide every person with access to safe, affordable and effective HIV/AIDS care. This care includes proper diagnosis and medications to help better treat people living with HIV and AIDS. Read more »



On #GivingTuesday, November 28: We invite you to​ join us in global health education

Here's a great opportunity to support health education in low-resource regions.


This is WiRED’s 20th year of providing community health education to under-served populations around the world. We deliver more than 400 health topics that people can study online or download to their laptops and tablets, and we never charge a cent for anything we offer. Read more »



November 2017: Soccer Balls Encourage Young Men in Kenya to Learn about Health

For all the obvious reasons, the toughest audience to attract to health education is young men. They don’t see themselves ever getting sick, they don’t think ahead, and they don’t like the idea of sitting in a health training session for an hour or two. WiRED’s programs draw a wide spectrum of people from the community . . . but not many young men. Read more »



November 2017: Happy Thanksgiving from WiRED International

WiRED International’s board and volunteers wish you a happy and travel-safe Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but one that immigrants, starting with the Pilgrims, have embraced and enriched with their own cultures throughout our history. While we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, we also remember those people in need living in underserved communities around the world. Thanksgiving is a time when we all can take a moment to reflect and plan on how we can export our time and talents globally to spread WiRED’s message of healthy communities. To everyone who has made our programs possible, and to everyone who has used them to improve their own health and the health of their communities, we at WiRED send you our sincere thanks.



November 2017: WiRED Observes National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month, and November 14 is World Diabetes day. This year’s theme focuses on “Women and Diabetes — Our Right to a Healthy Future.” More than 200 million women worldwide have diabetes, and many of them live in low-resource countries without access to education, diagnosis, treatment and care. In addition one in seven births is affected by gestational diabetes (diabetes that occurs during pregnancy). Read more »



November 2017: Smile Back at WIRED this Holiday Season and Beyond

After the Thanksgiving holiday is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive. This bargain shopping weekend, not only can you buy products for incredible prices but you can also help support WIRED International. How is this possible? Will this cost extra money? Is this difficult to do? Read more »







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